Knowing When Your In Ketosis Is Crucial For Success!!

How Do I Know I’m In Ketosis?

There are several ways to identify if your in Ketosis, the use of Ketostix is easiest and quickest way to get an actually physical reading from doing a urine test.

Body In Ketosis The body also changes a few ways, which for some people its a clear sign they are in Ketosis.

For me I didn’t experience any clearly identifiable changes at the beginning to convince me I was burning Ketones.

So I turned to Ketostixs, which when I finally saw the physical evidence it motivated me to keep going and to keep on the right track.

Keto Breath!

When Ketones are metabolized in the body from the lack of carbs, some are converted into acetone which can dramatically change the smell of your breath and you may also experience a metallic taste in your mouth. The breath smell has been described as being similar to Ammonia.

My Urine Changed!

Another frequently reported change is that urine can become cloudy and the odor can be very prominent. If you keep your fluids high and thus hydrated, I believe that it can be difficult to observe this change.

How To Know Your In Ketosis RELIABLE, QUICKLY and consistently, with LITTLE expense…

Bayer Keto Stix by 3

….I highly recommend using Ketostix test strips from Bayer as they are of great quality, from a well known brand and one of the most reliable test strips out there.

I feel that consistency matters!


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Keto Weight Loss:

When you go low carb the body no longer holds onto excess fluid and salt. Because of this your body weight will drop rather quickly within the first few days.

I dropped at least 2 kilos just from this fluid loss and at first it was slightly concerning. This can also be an indication that you are beginning to burn Ketones.

No More Cravings:

Eating ChocolateAs you start to metabolize your fat stores, to fuel your body, you will notice that your carvings to eat, like every 2 hours, will pretty much disappear.

The reason for this is that ketones are a low GI fuel, which provides a steady, level and consistent flow of glorious energy, which in my experience can last up to 4 to 5 hours…..

……Not like refined carbs which basically are sugars that turn to glucose. Carbs spike your blood sugars which give you a high burst of energy that only last for a very short period of time, therefor your body intuitively craves more of the same foods to keep the high going.

When the foods dont come, your energy levels crash and you feel like crap.

Ketostix test results for most people, and for me, was what I needed to assure me I was defiantly in Ketosis……

……..It Gave Me Proof!

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