Ketostix Strips By Bayer: Useful And Informative Information On Ketones And The Correct Use Of Ketone Test Strips

What Are Ketostix Used For?

Bayer Keto Stix by 3

Ketostix are a quick and easy way to measure the amount of Ketones that are expelled from the body through urinating.

This is a fast and inexpensive way to determine if your body is in the metabolic process of Ketosis.

What Is Ketosis?

Ketosis ImageKetones are produced by the body when their is not enough glucose to burn for energy by breaking down the fat stores in our bodies and transforming them by a metabolic process called Ketosis.

The Ketones that are produced by Ketosis are then utilized as fuel.

Any Ketones that are not used up by the body are then flushed out through urinating.

People With Diabetes….

…..can experience Ketosis as their bodies struggle with not enough insulin or their insulin is not doing its job efficiently thus resulting in a low ability to produce energy from glucose.This results in the body switching to Ketosis to maintain energy levels within the body.

Ketosis Is Also More Often…

Ketostix used for ketogenic diet…being encouraged by people looking for a alternative for losing weight and/or health and well being.

This is done by limiting carbohydrates in your diet which forces the body to switch fuels and burn Ketones for energy.

Why Bayer Ketostix Worked Well For Me!

I’ve been on the Keto Diet for 3 months, as of writing this, and I have had the most consistent results measuring my Ketones using Ketostix Reagent Strips by Bayer.

At first I tried a different brand…

Thinking….and found that they showed the results I was looking for but often the readings were not consistent, now that can be from variances in my diet or strip contamination but once I switched to Bayer test strips my readings were much more consistent.

Why Consistency Is Important!

Having the consistency gave me piece of mind Knowing that I was on the right track with my diet and would only motivate me more to keep on the path…… And having great results losing weight helped heaps aswell!!

See What Others Have Said About Bayer Ketostix:

Jackie Said:
“Sometimes it’s just worth going with the brand name!
I’ve made the mistake of ordering off brands in the past and I’ve gotten multiple boxes with ‘dead’ strips–either the expiration date had been altered/incorrect or there had been some kind of temperature or storage mishap. Not so with the Bayer product. In any case, for those seeking to know their ketone status, this is a nice product–easy to use, easy to read, and reliable.


JcFe said:
“During a dental visit I discovered I had very high blood pressure and decided to immediately do a responsible, low-carb Atkins/ketogenic type diet as I knew being overweight was the cause. When the body switches from burning carbs to burning fat the liver produces ketones, which are acidic in nature. Keeping ketones in balance during a low-carb diet is essential, thus these ‘pee strips’ which allow you to measure where your body is in the process. They are simple to use – they are about 3” strips with the active part on the end. Hold the end in a ‘pee stream’ and it will turn a color based on ketones in the urine – the color gauge is on the side of the bottle and is simple to read. A great way to monitor your metabolism/liver output – and I’ve lost 15 pounds and my bp is 140/80 – but I’m on my way to losing 30 pounds. If I didn’t have these to monitor my body I’d probably go all out protein which is not good, so these allow me to have some carbs and maintain balance.

Good product.”

KetoChefMum said:
“We use these for monitoring ketosis with the ketogenic diet for epilepsy. They seem to work as they are supposed to. And they are nicely sized for cutting in half to get twice as many per bottle. Makes the price a little nicer.”

(You Can Read More Bayer Ketostix Coments Here)

Bottom Line: Is It Worth Buying Bayer Ketostix Test Strips?

Thumbs UpAnswer is YES!!

  • In my experience it is a must as the consistency you get from Bayer Strips keeps you motivated whether its for health or weight loss or controlling you diabetes!!
  • Any little edge that keeps you on the right track is well worth it as we all know how mentally demanding it can be to change your diet!!
  • If at times you’re in the wrong frame of mind, the last thing you want is to have a negative result from a faulty test strip !!
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How To Test For Urine Ketones Using Bayer Test Strips!

  1. Unscrew the cap and carefully remove a test strip.
  2. Ensure that while removing the strip not to touch the testing area of the strip.
  3. Screw the cap back on quickly and securely to preserve the remaining strips.
  4. Dip the end of the strip into collected urine, or alternately, just pass the strip through the flowing stream.
  5. Immediately hold the strip horizontal, facing up and count 15 Seconds.
  6. At 15 seconds, check the strip against the color chart, which is located on the bottle.
  7. That will be the amount of Ketones that are present in your urine.

Ketostix colour chartThis reading is not the amount of Ketones in your blood, for accurate readings of blood Ketone levels a blood Ketone test is required.


Bayer Ketostix F.A.Q

Q: Where To Buy Ketostix?
A: You can purchase Bayer Ketostix test strips through this link.

Good luck to your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

I would be happy to answer any questions you might have in regards to my journey thus far on the Keto Diet.

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